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The light of reason seems to be fading in the tumult of our modern world. While the Information Age provides us with unprecedented access to information, it also gives disinformation an incredible power over society. The ThinkCritical Podcast exists to fight this. We conduct casual interviews with experts in areas of public interest and host discussions relevant to the public discourse. We also blog at Hosted by Joshua Z. Miller, Adam Schwalbe, and Gregory Leung.

Joshua Z. Miller is a Senior in High School interested in monetary economics and neoliberalism. He is a research assistant at the UBI Center and runs a blog called InTheAggregate.

Gregory Leung is a 16 year-old aspiring politician who thrust himself head-first into the 2021 New York City mayoral election as a calling captain for Andre Yang. A supporter of neoliberal policies, his biggest wish is to remove the false dichotomy between Republicans and Democrats in the minds of many Americans. 

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